I am a Certified Personal Trainer (12+ years), a boot camp instructor, and a Precision Nutrition coach. I believe in being healthy and strong and helping people commit to self-improvement, rather than a commitment to some unrealistic beauty standard shown in the media. 

I feel a responsibility to find ways to make health and fitness something that’s achievable and attainable for all people, even while pregnant.  I want to help nurture happier, healthier pregnancies, which in turn will impact how you labor and birth your baby.

Consider a marathon runner who trains for 12-20 weeks for a 3-5 hour event, and then consider the first time parent whose labor could last 8-24 hours and does nothing physical to prepare for that. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

I invite you to take charge of your upcoming labor and birth by not only reading the books and taking the classes, but by putting your body through a regimen of corrective exercises that will bring many benefits to you and your baby.

Benefits for baby may include: fewer fetal interventions, fewer fetal-affected complications, enhanced abilities before and after birth at 1 year and 5 years.

Benefits for mother: less time spent in pregnancy, fewer pregnancy discomforts, reduced likelihood of gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, decrease in need for pain relief, decrease in need for AROM (artificial rupture of membranes), decrease in need to induce or stimulate labor with the use of Pitocin, decrease in need for episiotomy, and a decrease in need for operative interventions like a cesarean or use of forceps.

Birth Doula
Basic Package
 2 prenatal visits to go over your previous birth experiences (if applicable), discuss your vision for your upcoming birth, and practice comfort measures and birthing positions, access to lending library, foot massage at 2nd prenatal, continuous labor and birth support, and 1or 2 postpartum visits.

Basic  + 3 Visits
All of basic Birth Doula Package and either 3 prenatal corrective exercise visits or 3 postnatal corrective exercise visits.

What do the 3 prenatal/postnatal corrective exercises visits include?
While we will go over more details in person, the bulk of the sessions consist of:

Prenatally: a thorough assessment of the core by assessing 11 different movement patterns, including diaphragmatic breathing. We will pay special attention to preventing and correcting Diastasis Recti. I follow the Fit For Birth Method which includes: Belly Training, Functional Training, Labor Training or, and Imagery/Flexibility Training. These sessions will last 1hour long. 

Postnatally: The primary objective is to immediately rehabilitate from labor and delivery by performing re-connective exercises. These sessions are similar to what we do prenatally Belly Training, Functional Training, SuperMom Training (optional), and Imagery/Flexibility Training. These sessions will last 1hour long.

The Works
Basic Doula + 6 Personalized Visits
All of the Basic Birth Doula package plus 6 personalized corrective exercise sessions
Additional corrective exercise/personal training sessions 60/hr

Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.  

-Ina May Gaskin

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