From the beginning of my pregnancy, Kjell was instrumental in assisting me to ready my mind for an unmedicated birth. She was always supportive of my birth preferences, and I felt at ease talking to her. She made me feel valued and validated, that I actually could give birth the way I wanted. Her enthusiasm for birth encouraged me to trust myself, trust my body, and trust the process.

The night I went into labor, Kjell was there. She brought a calming presence to the delivery room and guided me through labor and delivery. She anticipated my needs as I labored unmedicated. Kjell provided soothing labor support as she applied pressure to my hips and knees, and she filled my thoughts with positive affirmations and words of encouragement. Kjell was my advocate. She knew what I wanted and in those moments when I could not verbalize it, she spoke up and made things happen. Throughout this intimate experience, I was so comfortable with Kjell. I did not feel the need to hold anything back, even as a primal power took over. I relied heavily upon Kjell to help bring my precious child to this earth.

That birth was easily the hardest, most intense experience of my life, yet it was so fulfilling, so enriching, and so life-changing. I credit much of that to Kjell for preparing me, for being there, for being aware of me and my struggles. And I am forever grateful to Kjell for the impact she left on me that beautiful night.

~Jet Mickinney

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