Child labor can be intimidating if you’re not well educated in what your body and your mind are doing. Finding Kjell was a blessing! She not only taught me how to simply accept the fact that my body knew what to do and my mind was there to help calm me down rather than scare me out of having a wonderful experience, she also allowed me to be vocal and what I was feeling and experiencing. Having that extra support was worth it and I did feel stronger than I’ve ever been, being able to have the experience of a natural birth! I’m grateful for my doula and my new friend!

Thanks again Kjell, you were amazing!! ~Jessica Thompson

Kjell and the doula services she provided were a godsend. As a male it’s difficult to know how to comfort and support my wife going through un-medicated labor, and Kjell helped me find my place. When it was time to deliver, Kjell was present helping us keep a cool head.
The pre-labor meetings with her were very empowering, and it helped us realize that we should have control over how we would like the birth to take place. Kjell’s passion for helping families through pregnancy is very noticeable, and I am very glad we had her with us.

Thanks Kjell! ~Sam Thompson

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