When the birth of my second baby approached I felt like I needed to have a doula come and support me this go around. I was trying for a Vbac and also wanted to have an unmedicated birth. I interviewed a couple of doulas, but when I met with Kjell, she was very personable and seemed very willing to support me without having her own agenda. I liked her immediately. We had several months before my due date and while she was not technically “on duty” yet, she was very attentive to my personal needs with this birth. She notified me about several preparatory classes-one specifically about Vbacs and the other a Hypnobirthing clinic. She even attended these classes with me. Her sensitivity and awareness of various emotional roadblocks I was dealing with was an enormous asset in achieving my Vbac. I also had a scare with cholestasis, and though it was not during our specified “on call” time, she was available to hear my worries and also did some research about it to help ease some of my concerns. When the time came that I went into labor, Kjell was prompt in her arrival at the hospital and jumped right in with some counter pressure to ease the pains. During labor I felt incredibly encouraged and supported by her. I felt she was there to help facilitate the birth I was hoping for. She also jumped in at the end and took photos and video for us which I wasn’t expecting to have, but find that record is priceless and I’m so grateful she jumped in to do that for us. To reemphasize, Kjell was very professional, personable, and very attentive, specifically to my emotional needs. Thank you Kjell!!  ~Elise Blackwell

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