Meet The Doula

My first name, Kjell, is hard to read but easy to pronounce (“Shell”). I’m married and have four busy kids, and I truly enjoy spending time with my family. I love to see my kids as they grow, laugh, and (hopefully!) eat the dinner I make without any complaints or negotiating! Unquestionably, my family means more to me than anything. In addition to my family, my passion in life revolves around all things to do with health, wellness, fitness, birth, and empowering women.

I am passionate about helping others to see their bodies for what they can DO, not for what they look like. I really enjoy helping women learn to trust their bodies. After all, our bodies are amazing entities built for movement and life! I believe that a woman's body is strong and capable of going through and doing hard things. As a burpee-loving personal trainer/boot camp instructor and compassionate doula, I am here to help facilitate a peaceful yet empowering birth experience, and to bring strength to the birthing atmosphere. I am a CD(DONA).  

My Mission

As a doula, my mission is to serve anyone with a desire to birth in their own unique way.  My vision is to create a safe space for all people, including those who challenge societal cloaks regarding gender, age, and physical capabilities. I will draw from the experience of birthing my own four children to help me relate to my clients. I aim to facilitate birthing experiences tailored to the desires and needs of each client, thus creating an event they will remember with joy for the rest of their lives. I will establish a relationship of trust with my clientele, so they feel safe and comfortable enough to allow me into their lives during the intimate time of childbirth.  My business will serve anyone with a desire to birth their baby, no matter who they are, what their background is, or how the world views them. 

If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical NOT to use one.

-John H Kennell, MD

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