Take charge of

your birth

I want you to know that the actions you take, and the decisions you make, can positively impact your birth experience. And contrary to what we have been led to believe through cultural messages and medical fear, you are made to give birth.

Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.

Ina May Gaskin

The only thing about birth that is predictable, is its unpredictability.   No birth is alike and no birth can truly be planned out. As a doula, I am here to help you understand all of your options, and I believe that is done through education. Educating yourself and your partner is crucial to being an active participant in your birth, not just a bystander with someone else making the decisions for you.

Educating yourself on induction methods, birth positions, and how soon you should arrive at the hospital are just three key topics to understand before you give birth. There’s so much more and I look forward to addressing all of these and more birth topics with you. 


I’m Kjell

My first name, Kjell, is hard to read but easy to pronounce (“Shell”). I’m married and have four busy kids, and I truly enjoy spending time with my family. I love to see my kids as they grow, laugh, and (hopefully!) eat the dinner I make without any complaints or negotiating! Unquestionably, my family means more to me than anything. In addition to my family, my passion in life revolves around all things to do with health, wellness, fitness, birth, and empowering women.

A few thoughts from local families

Kjell is definitely someone you want on your birth team! She cares about you and your goals and will support you 100%. She helped my husband know how to help me and provide counter-pressure during labor that was SO helpful! I can’t recommend her enough!

Meshya Hoskins

New Mother of One

Kjell was such an amazing support to have at my birth. This was my 4th birth and first time going unmedicated. I was hesitant on whether a doula was necessary, but this was hands down my best birth experience! Not only was Kjell wonderful to have at birth, but the resources she gave me to help prepare were spot on. Such an empowering experience, and the relief she offered during birth made the experience totally bearable and even fun at times. Such a great memory! Thanks Kjell!

Kristina Coleman Manscill

Mother of Four

have 2 children. With my first I attempted doing a natural birth without a Doula. The price of a Doula was daunting for us, and our thought was to learn how to do it ourselves and save some money. My husband and I took a class before the arrival of our first child that taught about natural birth and we (at the time) were confidant we could do this without the help of a Doula.  When it was time for our daughter’s birth and as labor got started I realized how unprepared we were. My husband, despite his best efforts was just not prepared for the support I was going to need. He was touching me wrong and he wasn’t doing the pressure points right, resulting in me not wanting to be touched at all. Half way through labor, due to exhaustion, I asked for an epidural. Through the entire labor and delivery I had never felt so alone in my life. Along with other events that unfolded with my daughter’s birth, what was supposed to be a happy joyful day ended up being a devastating process getting her here. I strongly feel this could have been avoided if I had the help of a Doula for the birth of daughter.

That being said, my son’s birth was a completely different experience. I achieved my goal of a natural birth, I never felt alone, the support during labor and delivery was INCREDIBLE, and the whole experience felt so accomplishing for me as a mother! Kjell did amazing communicating with my husband and the delivering doctor. Kjell knew what I wanted and needed before I knew at times. I will never do another labor and delivery without a Doula again. Not only is Kjell an amazing Doula, but through this experience with her she has become a friend of mine. No question I plan to hire Kjell in the future when we are ready for baby number 3. Thank you Kjell for such an amazing birthing experience.

Madi Hides

Mother of Two

Our first birth was intimidating and lonely.  We took classes and read books but nothing could have prepared us for what child birth is.  I was unequipped with the physical, medical, and emotional knowledge to relieve her of some of the challenges she was facing.  Eventually through my wife’s lonely suffering, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter and both are healthy and well, but the birth experience is still a miserable memory for us both.  These experiences led us to seek out support for a better birth.

Having Kjell, a certified Doula at our 2nd birth made all the difference.  The visits prior to the birth from our Doula gave my wife and I confidence and allowed my wife to get to know this new person we’ve invited into this sacred part of our lives.  Kjell at our birth was everything we needed, she made it simple.  While she intently watched my wife labor she could read her ques for pain, distress, and most importantly contractions.  Kjell knew many points of pressure and massages to relieve my wife of the intense pressure and pain she was feeling.   Kjell was able to remind my wife of her birth goals and support her emotionally as a woman who has gone through the same experience, something I could not do.  I was able to follow Kjell and support my wife as needed, by assisting with pressure points and emotional support.  My wife was able to give an un-medicated birth and achieve her birthing goals because of the Doula present.  We will never have another birth without a Doula,without Kjell.  I didn’t have to worry or stress, I knew my wife was being supported in the best ways she could be.  I had confidence in what I was doing to help and to be there for my wife.  Kjell made all the difference for my wife and I to have the birth we wanted.

Curtis Hindes

Partner and Father

Kjell and the doula services she provided were a godsend. As a male it’s difficult to know how to comfort and support my wife going through un-medicated labor, and Kjell helped me find my place. When it was time to deliver, Kjell was present helping us keep a cool head.

The pre-labor meetings with her were very empowering, and it helped us realize that we should have control over how we would like the birth to take place. Kjell’s passion for helping families through pregnancy is very noticeable, and I am very glad we had her with us. Thanks Kjell!

Sam Thompson

Partner and Father

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